Happy Halloween From Kitronik
With only a few days to go we thought that the time was right to give you a little last minute inspiration and to wish you all a happy Halloween from Kitronik! Halloween Banner We love Halloween, it's one of the best times of year to indulge in your creative side and to just have a lot of fun. Each year people get more and more adventurous and the making tools get better and better. Since we put up our own Halloween resource we've kept an eye on what others are doing and there have been a lot of really great ideas. While there is still time to get your make on we would like to re-share our own Halloween resources and to share with you some of what we've found elsewhere.  

Happy Halloween From Kitronik:

halloween-project-ideas-all-ideas-870 We took the decoration route this year and broke out the laser cutter and 3D printer, not to mention the micro:bit, and came up with a few ideas that would really look great in a front window display. We had a waving skeleton, a flapping bat, a flickering pumpkin and some Halloween themed light boxes. For everything that lights up we used  Yellow Flickering Candle LEDs and for everything that moved we used the BBC micro:bit. You can check out the whole resource and grab the downloads here.  

Halloween On Instructables:

We've rounded up a couple of great ideas that we found on Instructables, you can browse all of submissions by type. Although many of the submissions aren't really Halloween oriented there are plenty of good ones if you are prepared to spend some time looking. You can browse all of the Halloween themed ideas on Instructables here.

Skeletons climbing your house's walls by .


This is a great idea! All you need is to be able to source suitable skeletons and some hot glue and can have you very own horde of climbing skeletons trying to gain entry into your home. Add a little light and this would look really effective at night. You can find the full climbing skeleton tutorial on Instructables here.  

Build your own simple IronMan Arc reactor by 

happy-halloween-from-kitronik-reactor-870 Not only will this idea look great, no matter what the setting, it will also act as a torch as you go door to door in search of treats. It presents quite a challenge to make but end result looks totally worth it! You could either go the full way with an IronMan suit or just pop on some shades and your reactor for instant Tony Stark. You can find the full Arch Reactor tutorial on Instructables here.  

Local Hackspaces:

Making isn't just about 3D printers and laser cutters but they do open the door to a whole new range of possibilities. Don't let not having access to them at home deter you, there are growing number of hackspaces around the country and if you pop along to your local one you can find out how to book time on the equipment.
  • You can find a list of hackspaces here.

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