How to Make a Line Following Buggy (Using 2 Light Activated Boards)

How to make a Line Following Buggy (using 2 Light Activated Boards).

As shown below, by using two light activated boards and two motors it is possible to make a line following buggy. The boards just need to be mounted close to the ground with the light sensor facing down. Normally the buggy will travel in a straight line . If one of the sensors crosses the dark line it turns off the motor on that side. This will steer the buggy away from the line. Once it has been steered away from the line the motor will turn back on. This circuit could be used with lego motors, alternatively we sell a retail version. how_to_make_a_line_following_buggy_1

Parts List:

Note: No gear box parts included. Download a pdf version of this page here. Learn more about the author


Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch. It's definitely a good idea, thanks for suggesting it. We have a list of potential resources and tutorials, consider this added to the list!

Ian Pool

Ian Pool

Hi guys, how about a demo on how to make this kit so that we can check where we have gone wrong. It's easy when you do these things all the time, but when you do this in addition to teaching, some people miss tiny bits which turn out to be essential, so it would be good to have a video of someone actually constructing the kit, giving hints and tips. Good idea, eh !

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