Inside: Maker Faire UK 2015
We have been extremely busy over the past month creating our very own Memory Game (a version of the ‘Simon Says’ game) and getting it ready for the Maker Faire UK at the Life Centre in Newcastle on the 25th - 26th April.

Kitronik Stand 2 560

We were joined by Grant from CEL to help us on the Robox 3D Printer section of our stand. This included a working CEL Robox Printer that showed 3D Printing in action! We managed to print off some new designs including a Creeper design from Microsoft’s Minecraft computer game series which proved very popular with the younger Makers.

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Our new Memory Game was very popular with people of all ages including families using teamwork to get as far up the leader board as possible. Especially with the challenge to get all 16 colour sequences right within the allotted 10 seconds. We even had a Darlek who wanted to play the Memory Game!

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We were showing our extensive range of Build your own Kits and our Electro-Fashion range including running a free e-textiles workshop using our own Conductive Thread to make your own LED Rocket made from our new 2mm Polyethylene Foam sheets. This ties in with Nottingham’s textile heritage and brings it into the 21st century with the addition of sewable circuits and illuminating LED’s which require no soldering.

E Textiles Workshop 560

Over 170 people made wearable Kitronik LED Rockets with help from Stephanie and Aaron at Kitronik over the event’s two days representing our Electro-Fashion range. Our Electro-fashion is perfect for anyone whom is interested in adding lights to their designs and wearables. We have a number of Starter Kits including making your very own LED Sewable Cat!

20150426_123147 560

Over the weekend, the Maker Faire press were out and about focussing on each of the Makers stalls that included a "spotlight" feature on the Maker Faire UK website and an excerpt within the 'Make Magazine'. Kevin Spurr, a co-founder of Kitronik was talking to a member of the Make Magazine press about Kitronik and what we bring to the Maker Faires. The press release can be seen here.

Kevin Speaking With Make Magazine 560

We would like to thank everyone who visited Kitronik at the Maker Faire UK in Newcastle and who came to support the Maker Faire UK in Newcastle. It was an innovative weekend where people of all ages enjoyed a fantastic family weekend out!

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