Introducing: Desoldering Iron/Solder Suckers, Soldering Tips, and Accessories!
It was a bit of a quiet week last week, but we’re back to regular service this week with lots of new additions to our range of soldering equipment.


Starting with the biggest product to be launched this week, we have a new de-soldering iron/solder sucker, eliminating the issue of poor soldering or messy connections, as well as allowing the user to fix the issue with a single tool rather than having to hold a soldering iron, a solder sucker, and the target itself. We’re sure you will agree if you have experience with soldering just how frustrating it can be to remove solder neatly from a board, so to have a combined soldering iron/sucker is the perfect tool to add to your toolbox! blog_large_chisel_soldering_tip As well as the desoldering iron/sucker, we have also increased our range of soldering iron tips for use with the Tenma Soldering Station, which is available here. We now stock three different tip varieties in the form of a 1.6mm chisel tip, a 0.5mm conical tip, and a 3.0mm 45 degree angled chisel tip. You may be wondering why we would stock different shapes; each tip shape is suited to a different purpose:
  • The standard chisel tip is what you will find as standard on a soldering iron, they are suitable for universal tasks that require pinpoint accuracy to a single component, and as they are available in a wide range of sizes can be used for many component sizes and variations.
  • Angled chisel tips are for users who wish to spread solder over a wider surface area than a standard chisel tip. Because of their angled, wider face, these tips are perfect for soldering a number of components at once and for dragging over areas of a board. While they lack the precision of a regular chisel tip, if you are planning to cover several components at once precision may not be a priority, and you could always use a desoldering iron/sucker to tidy up any excess solder!
  • Conical soldering tips are shaped as the name suggests; they have a pointed cone tip, allowing for more precision than the other two options we have available. Best used for applications where tiny components are used and the board required pinpoint accuracy, conical tips require a greater attention to detail and more time in order to be used effectively.
26111_additional_conical_soldering_tip We have also added to our soldering peripherals range, with a new rosin-cored tin/lead solder available in a handy 17g dispenser tub, new soldering sponge large enough to be cut into several smaller sponges, and a new style of tip cleaner. The soldering tip cleaner offers a compact cleaning option for soldering tips, should you not wish to use a damp sponge. The soldering iron tip is cleaned by being drawn through brass shavings inside the containing pot, which also has a fold-out mount to rest your soldering iron so you do not have to use a separate tip cleaner and soldering iron stand. 26107_large_soldering_iron_tip_cleaner There we have it, lots of new products for you to have a look at and add to your wishlists this week! As ever, do sign up to our newsletter HERE so you no longer have to miss out on new products and content from Kitronik!

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