Introducing: FM Radio Antenna, Poplar Ply 800mm x 600mm Sheet & Capacitors
It's Friday and we've got new products to tell you about. This week we are introducing an FM Radio Telescopic Antenna / Aerial, it can be used with our FM Radio Kit V2.0, not only does it make your radio project look very cool, it may increase the quality of signal reception.


The FM Radio Telescopic Antenna can be angled and because of the telescopic design, is extendable for increased signal strength, or retractable to keep it tidy. It comes with a retaining nut and bolt as well as a solder tag to ensure a good contention with your project. Have you tried Poplar Plywood yet? We have introduced yet another Poplar ply size, large 800mm x 600mm sheets to our extensive materials range! If you laser cut plywood and are yet to try Poplar, you are in for a treat. This clean, white plywood is made from younger, more sustainable Poplar Trees, which unlike traditional Birch Plywood gives a much more consistent density across all the layers of ply. This means that it cuts much more easily and cleanly than traditional Birch Plywood.
  Here at Kitronik we are famous for our Educational Electronics Kits, but did you know that whenever we sell a kit we also stock the component parts too? That's why this week we are introducing a range of capacitors from some of our Educational Electronics Kits. We have capacitors from our MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0 and from our 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier: These capacitors are from our popular FM Radio Kit V2.0: 3101-33p_large_ceramic_33pf_100v_capacitor That's all for another week. Don't forget you'll never miss a product update when you subscribe to our newsletter, CLICK HERE!

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