Introducing: Medite MDF Sheets
Not satisfied with a adding a huge range of 5mm Perspex back in the summer, we are now introducing a huge expansion of our laserable Medite MDF sheets with sheet sizes ranging from 300mm x 200mm to 800mm x 600mm and in 3, 4 and 6mm thicknesses. Now that we've made it even easier to find the right sheet size for your laser so you can cut until your hearts' content!


600mm x 400mm MDF Sheet

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a very versatile material which you can cut, mill and saw without damaging the rest of the material (unlike Plywood). It has a smooth surface on both sides and it can be painted (you can use an oil-based paint for the best results). It also has a lower cost per cm2 than plywood and it is an excellent material to be using with our Project Kits. You can cut the shapes you have designed on your CAD software to take you to the next level of professionalism in your projects using our MDF sheets. We've laser cut one of our current MDF sheets to show you the results:


Laser cut example of one of our MDF sheets

All of our Laserable MDF conforms to E1 (low) formaldehyde levels as well as also complying with the lower levels required by CARB phase 2 (CARB Phase 2 compliant <0.11ppm). Our Laserable MDF is often described as 'Laser Grade' MDF but there is no official classification for this. We believe that E1 conforming MDF is the safest and best MDF for using in a laser cutter. You can view our entire MDF product range here and you can see our new MDF sheets listed below: 3mm Laser Compatible Medite MDF:

4mm Laser Compatible Medite MDF:

6mm Laser Compatible Medite MDF:

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