The June 2017 Update Design & Technology Flyer
The Kitronik June 2017 D&T update flyer is now out and it's choc full of great new products! If you don't yet have your hard copy; we've also put it online for your convenience, access it anytime, anywhere and on any device that has an internet browser. new image As well as sourcing lots of great new products for your robotics projects we've also been hard at work creating lots of new Kitronik kits and products. That all amounts to a whopping 25 new lines. As well as developing and testing our own new products we've also been creating free resources to help you get up and running as soon as possible and that would also transl;ate well to classroom activities.  
  • 3D printed amplifier case resource.
  • Bestselling projects.
  • Build a sumo bot resource.
  • Clocks.
  • Material highlights.
  • Bulk buy discounts.
  • Custom PCBs.
  • Links for FREE learning resources.
  • Teach coding with our new :MOVE mini buggy.
  • Micro USB breakout board.
  • Motors, wheels and casters.
  • Zumo buggy chassis and track sets.
  • Servo:Lite board for the BBC micro:bit.
  • ‘Klaw’ gripper.
  • ZIP addressable LEDs.
  • Connector leads.

The June 2017 D&T Update Flyer Online Version:

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