Kitronik Have Invested in a Pick and Place Machine
Rather than manually picking surface mount components from a reel and placing them onto PCBs (which used to be the manufacturing process for our Electro-Fashion Sewable PCB LEDs), we have invested in a Pick and Place Machine (P'n'P Machine) to do all of the fiddly work for us. The P'n'P Machine has been with us since the end of January 2014 and we haven't looked back since...
  With this machine up and running, all that we have to do is hit the 'Start' button and the P'n'P Machine will perform this component placement for us. SAM_1686_800px

The Pick and Place Machine (above, left) with a super cool retro screen!


Stages of the Pick and Place Machine; Electro-Fashion LED Flasher Units in production

Pick_and_Place The P'n'P Machine saves minutes, even hours, during a typical day in production and ensures that we have plenty of stock on our shelves.

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