Kitronik Spring 2024 Design and Technology Update Flyer

The new Kitronik Spring Update flyer Design & Technology update flyer 2024 is now complete and ready for download! It's designed to go along side our most recent full 2023-2024 catalogue, it contains everything that has happened in our materials/coding/kits categories, and more, since the catalogue was released. Download via the link below and view it anytime, anywhere.

We uploaded the flyer as a PDF for your convenience. Download it and view it anywhere!

Kitronik Spring 2024 Design and Technology Update Flyer:

Last year saw us pick up the pace of new product releases and it is the intention to keep this upward arc going throughout the coming year. As well as being good news generally, it also means that the flyers contain more and more useful information. We've released new products across the board and we've also been improving some of our lighting kits by adding the facility to connect alternative power supplies, via new solder pads. These changes are also reflected in the documentation for each product.

The above image shows the contents page of the flyer. The flyer also has quick links for free resources that help you make the most of the products in the flyer.


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