Lighting up a Simple E-Textiles Circuit (Tinkering Activity)
This Lighting up a Simple E-Textiles Circuit (Tinkering Activity) resource has been developed as part of a European Reginal Development Fund (ERDF) project between Nottingham Trent University and Kitronik.


In this activity you will be challenged to make a working circuit with the 'tinkering circuit kit' components and no instructions. This might be a challenge at first. Tinkering activities allow the learner to problem solve through trial and error. This has the added benefit of making abstract concepts (polarity and current flow) concrete for the learner.



You will need a 'tinkering circuit kit' containing:

What to do

Step 1: Get the LED to light up

Using all the items in the 'tinkering circuit kit' get the LED to light up.

Step 2: What have you learnt?

See if you can draw a diagram of your electronic circuit labelling the current flow and components. Use these links to discover: How to Identify Components and How to Identify Circuit Symbols.

Step 3: How to use as a teaching resource.

Take a look at this video (Spoiler alert!) for further inspiration in using the tinkering kit as a teaching resource.
  For further information on 'tinkering' and how you might use this resource with pupils in your school then please contact Sarah. Download a pdf version of this page here.

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