Looking for inspiration for your next handmade Christmas craft project then look no further.
Most people will have decorated the tree with lights or may have even put them on the outside of their house, but how many have thought to use them in a Christmas textiles project? The Electro-Fashion range from Kitronik allows lights to be added to any textiles project and it’s easier than you might think.

NTU Designing With E-textiles Course 8 - 10th July 2019

Instead of using stiff wires to connect the lights a special conductive thread (sometimes called electric thread) is sewn into the fabric and joins the lights or LEDs to a small coin cell battery. You can sew several lights in to your project and connect them all back to the one coin cell battery. The number of potential projects is only limited by your imagination and to get you thinking how’s about adding some bling to a Santa hat or illuminating a Christmas stocking. "As seen on Channel 4 - Kirstie's Handmade Christmas" If you are new to e-textiles and not sure what you need, don’t worry, the Electro-Fashion range includes starter packs that contain some LEDs, conductive thread, a holder for the coin cell battery and the coin cell itself. These packs are supplied with some basic instructions to get you started, plus we have a wide range of resources showing how to use the parts in real projects.

Product recommendations

Starter pack The Electro-Fashion starter pack contains enough parts for two projects, there are two coin cell battery holders, ample conductive thread and three always on flat LEDs and three flashing LEDs. The pack is available either in white or blue.

Flasher unit with lights The Electro-Fashion Flasher module contains all the parts for one project, the flasher unit has a light on it, plus two other lights can be sewn in to your project. The unit offers a few flash patterns and the pack includes the coin cell battery.

Extra lights If you are looking to add an additional colour to your design then the flat always on LEDs are available in red and green.

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