How to make a Laser Cut LED Tea Light
Add mood lighting to any room with these flickering LED tea lights made using our own Yellow Flickering Candle LEDs. LED tea lights are an ideal electronic alternative to lit candles. The LED gives out a random flickering effect at a steady current. This tutorial shows you how to make a Christmas themed tea light using our laser cutter template.


Learn how to:

  • Create an electronic LED tea light using a Yellow Candle LED.

Level of Difficulty:

  • Beginner.

Parts List:

In order to create your own LED tea light, you will need:



Step-by Step Guide to making your own Tea Lights:

Step 1

Download the laser cutter files above and cut them out using a laser cutter. The examples have been cut using our 6mm laser plywood.

Step 2

Stack the rings of cut plywod one on top of the other.

Step 3

Wedge a CR2032 coin cell in the slot. No glue needed!

Step 4

Insert a Kitronik Yellow Candle 5mm LED in the bumps on the slot either side of the coin cell, be careful to match polarity to coin cell!
...and there you have it! Your very own simple and safe to use Laser Cut Tealight!





Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi, thank you for you comments. If you were to add a second LED to coin-cell battery you would half the life of the battery. If you wanted the display to last, it would be better to use multiple batteries. I hope this helps.



Hi, This is the simplest and most compact approach to an LED candle that I've seen, especially for someone who has no experience with electronics. I'm making a mini firepit effect for a puppet play, and I need a lot of brightness, to match or exceed that of a real tea light. Can i add multiple LEDs to a single cell battery, or would I need a battery for each LED? Thanks!

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