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Soft switches - Kitronik University This Kitronik University resource looks at making a Press Stud Switch (also known as popper or snap fastener).


Open press stud switch (circuit disconnected)

Press stud switches are perfect if your garment or item already has a press stud as a closing device. Using this switch you can keep the press stud in situ but have two switch positions, on and off. You can make a press stud switch from a piece of fabric, a press stud with a spare bottom half, some conductive ribbon and conductive thread to stitch it together. Below is a video showing how the press stud switch works:
  First, plan where your buttons are going to be placed and make sure your length of ribbon is long enough so that the press stud can reach each of the buttons in turn.


Press Stud with switch closed (circuit connected)

Next, sew one end of the conductive ribbon to the fabric with conductive thread, then attach the top half of the popper to the other end of the conductive ribbon making sure the conductive thread has good contact with the metal parts of the stud. After that, sew in the bottoms of the press studs, the closest one with normal sewing thread, the further one with conductive thread. Continue your circuit with conductive thread.


Press stud with switch open (circuit not connected)

Finally, incorporate the switch in your design using conductive thread to connect to your battery holders and LEDs etc.

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