We Have Sold Our 250,000th Mono Amplifier!
Back in June 2014 we sold our 250,000th MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit, making it our best selling project kit so far! Having smashed the quarter of a million mark, we're dedicating this week's Newsy-Blog to the mighty Mono Amp Kit itself - keep reading for more details, for Mono Amp Gallery images, for an insight into how the Mono Amplifiers are kitted/manufactured, and more!


The Mono Amp Kit is one of our intermediate project kits, designed by Kitronik to suit Key Stage 3 abilities. This audio amplifier kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment, including MP3 players, and uses a TBA820M Audio Amplifier IC, which can output 1.6W of power. The kit is supplied with a pre-built jack cable and a PP3 battery clip, and can run off any voltage from 3 to 16 volts. With the MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit, all of the components have to be soldered onto the PCB. However the pre-built version allows you to focus more on product design as all of the resistors, capacitors and the IC holder are fitted - all that you have to do is connect the jack lead, speaker and power clip to the board.

MP3 Mono Amplifier Project Kit


MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit parts


MP3 Mono Amplifier Kit assembled

MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0, Pre-built


MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0, Pre-built, parts


MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0, Pre-built

How do we keep enough Mono Amplifiers on the shelf considering the popularity of the kit?

It is imperative that we keep on top of our stock levels. We have minimum stock levels for every product that we have and we (and our database system) keep a close eye on what needs ordering, building, kitting, etc. As soon as our Mono Amp Kit stock levels drop, we place an order with our suppliers for the parts needed to make up 1000 kits.  As soon as they arrive to us, we ship them out to our home workers who - believe it or not - work from home, packing each component into bags to make 1000 individual kits. The kits are then returned back to us where one of our warehouse team will box them up and add them to stock, ready to be shipped to you, our customers! It is a similar process for the pre-built Mono Amp with the exception that the parts are sent to an Engineering company to be assembled. Some of our kits are built in-house but this depends on the kit and the quantity that needs to be kitted/soldered. 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_18

Delloria boxing some kits up in-house

MP3 Mono Amplifier Gallery

These great examples of our Mono Amplifier Kit were sent in by James Ratcliffe at the Milton Abbey School in Dorset... 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_08 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_07 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_06250k_mono_amp_blog_560_05 These MP3 Mono Amplifiers were made by year 10 Product Design students at Barry Comprehensive School... 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_10 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_11250k_mono_amp_blog_560_12 The following MP3 Mono Amplifiers were made by year 9 students at Meole Brace School Science College... 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_09

Horse by Amy Bellingham


Mushroom by Ellie Thurston

250k_mono_amp_blog_560_14 Example work of housing the amplifier kit, designed by year 9 pupils at the Humphry Davy School... 250k_mono_amp_blog_560_15250k_mono_amp_blog_560_16 Finally, a massive thank you for your ongoing support!

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