Gem Master Tool and Extended Gem Range

New Gem Master Tool and Extended Gem Range

Why not add some sparkle to a textiles or resistant materials project with our range of gems and studs? The gems are a great value for money. This allows excellent effects to be achieved for only a few pence per student. The gems and studs have a ‘hot melt’ backing that is activated when heated using the ‘Gem Master’ tool. The adhesive backing allows the gems to be attached to many types of textiles, plastics, wooden materials, etc. They are available in a wide range of colours and sizes. new_gem_tool_range_1 Gems are made from a glass like material where as the studs are made from metal and are shaped to look like gems. Studs offer a lot of sparkle at a lower cost than a gem. The picture opposite shows a design where a number of clear crystal gems have been added to a pair of denim jeans. Click here to view our new Gem Master tool Click here to see our 3mm and 4mm gem pack Learn more about the author

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