New Product Update: FM Radio Kit
We thought we'd give you a peek behind the curtain of why we sometimes have to produce a new update for a kit that we've been selling for a while. We've updated our FM Radio kit, the old kit relied on two integrated circuits (IC) which are now obsolete!   fm_radio_blog_560_01

FM Radio Kit v2.0

Obsolescence happens when an integrated circuit (IC) stops being economical to make as something new has been developed that makes that old chip not worth the cost of making it. Our old FM Radio kit relied on a TDA7010T FM radio IC, varicap diode and inductor for converting radio waves into sounds and a TBA820M audio amplifier IC for making those sounds loud enough to hear. Both chips are now obsolete and won't be available much longer. Our new FM Radio kit has had a complete redesign around the Si4820 FM Radio IC and the NCP2890D Mono Amplifier IC, as a result audio quality on the FM Radio kit is better than ever! The kit comes with the integrated circuits attached so it makes this a perfect soldering kit for beginners, all you have to do is add the remaining resistors and capacitors to make your very own FM Radio! What could you turn into an FM Radio? The FM Radio kit is perfect for making nearly anything into an FM Radio, we've been sent some smashing pictures of enclosures for our old FM Radio kits and we can't wait to see what new weird, wonderful things get turned into radios too! Take a look at these from Hawkley Hall High School. fm_radio_blog_560_03 fm_radio_blog_560_02 Note, once stock of the old kit has gone, it's gone!

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Allan Sharman

Allan Sharman

hi l will give this new kit a try it looks much better than some of the china ones that available and the price is good to regards allan

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