New Product: Needle Set
At Kitronik we're very excited about wearable technology and e-textiles, we stock lots of great e-textiles kits including Sparkfun's Lilypad wearable Arduino range, conductive threads and everything else you need to get started in wearable technology.


Needle Set

With all the excitement and possibilities of wearable technology it's important not to forget the basics! Our new product this week is a needle set ideal for your wearable electronics projects. needle_set_blog_560_01  

Needle Set

The set of easy to thread needles includes:
  • 3 x 48mm x 1.23mm thick needles.
  • 2 x 39mm x 0.67mm thick needles.
Threading these needles with conductive thread is pretty easy once you know how, but if you struggle like we all do sometimes, Julie Boyd has made this helpful instructional video and tutorial.


If you like this product don't forget to try other items in our e-textiles range such as our Electro Fashion Sewable LED kit or with any of our e-textiles and conductive thread range. needle_set_blog_560_03  

Electro-Fashion, Sewable LED Kit


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