New Product Update: Make Your Mini-figures Move with Fizzbit
The Fizzbit is a way to bring movement and excitement to mini-figures of your own invention. It is a small module containing a vibration motor, super capacitor and USB socket, which can plug directly into a computer or USB power supply (no batteries required). You slot your Fizzbit into a mini-figure (made from paper or 3D printed), turning it into a Fizzbot. Fizzbots can battle, race and dance around.


The Fizzbit requires a paper or 3D printed mini-figure, making this module an exciting, fun and creative project. The kit charges in approximately 20 seconds and no soldering is required. fizzbit_figures_blog_560_02

The Fizzbit module


  • Length: 49mm.
  • Width: 16mm.
  • Height: 16mm.
fizzbit_figures_blog_560_01 fizzbit_figures_blog_560_03

More Fizzbots - we'd love to see your designs!

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