New Product Update: Micro USB Lamp Kit - Sustainable Lamp Design Made Easy
'A common external power supply (EPS) must include a cable with a Micro USB-B connector for connecting to a mobile phone.' — European Commission, June 2009. This specification was implemented due to the concern that if a user wanted to change his/her mobile phone, they usually had to acquire a new charger and dispose of the current one even if it is in perfect condition. ‘This unnecessarily generates important amounts of electronic waste. Harmonising mobile phone chargers will bring significant economic and environmental benefits. Consumers will not need to buy a new charger with every mobile phone.’ Due to this specification (and if your home is anything like mine) you’ll find that most of your drawers include a number of these Micro USB Power Supplies as they are supplied with the majority of mobile phones and tablets. Our new lamp kit is Micro USB-compatible and is a great project for KS3 and GCSE students.


Example of the kit in use


Micro USB Lamp Kit, built, switch 'off'


Micro USB Lamp Kit, built, switch 'on'


Micro USB Lamp Kit parts

This kit allows you to build an economical mains powered lamp that takes power from a standard Micro USB phone charger (available separately). The kit comprises a very bright 1W Power LED which connects (with the cable provided) to a PCB that has a power switch, Micro USB connector and power resistor. All that is required to assemble the kit is to connect the LED to the desired length of cable and solder the resistor to the board.


  • PCB Length: 38mm.
  • PCB Width: 28mm.

Micro USB Breakout, with Power Switch

This Micro USB Breakout Board offers easy access to all the USB power and data pins as they are connected to large solder-able pads on the PCB with 0.1" spacing. The board has two further outputs where the 5V power pin is connected through a switch or the switch and a resistor. This makes the board ideal for a variety of applications. Fully compatible with Micro USB charges supplied with most mobile phones and tablets.


  • PCB Length: 38mm.
  • PCB Width: 28mm.

5V 1A Micro USB UK Mains Wall Power Supply

This is 5V Mains Powered Micro USB Power Supply can be used in a wide range of applications including phone charging and powering Raspberry Pis. It is safety approved and features short circuit and over current protection. This unit has a fixed UK pin and a 1.8 metre output cable. If you're looking for lamp design ideas, head to our Gallery!

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