New Product Update: Motor / Stepper Motor Drive & 3 Axis Accelerometer Breakout Boards
We have been working hard to develop a variety of breakout boards with the idea of making it easier for you to connect a whole range of devices into your project. This week we are introducing our new Motor / Stepper Motor Drive Board and a 3 Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board.


Motor / Stepper Motor Drive Board

This circuit uses the DRV8833 and allows up to 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor to be controlled by a microprocessor. This is useful as a microcontroller cannot, on its own, output enough power to drive most motors. Using this board you can control motor with digital outputs (two per motor) from your microcontroller while powering it separately from a suitable power source. The motor driver operates off a wide power supply (2.7-10.8V) and can provide up to 1.5A per output or 3A if the motor is connected to both outputs in parallel. Depending upon the state of the two control lines, the motor can be controlled to coast, reverse, go forward & brake. The board can easily be connected to a microcontroller and will operate at 3V or 5V. new_product_breakout_boards_blog_560_01

3 Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board (ADXL335)

This board uses the ADXL335 and requires either a 5V or 3.3V input and provides acceleration values for three axis of movement, each on a separate analogue output. A Self-Test pin is also available which when brought to 3.3V should alter the 3 analogue output values, allowing the functionality to be tested. The change in the analogue output is proportional to the value of Vcc. The maximum sample rate of the board is approximately 50Hz (+ or 15% from the internal resistors).

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