New Product Update: MP3 Mono Amplifier V2.0
After manufacturing and selling 275,000 of our Mono Amplifier Kits (and I'm a bit sad to see it go - it was the first kit I soldered when I joined Kitronik) we release Version 2.


Mono Amplifier Kit Kit v2.0

The original amplifier used a TBA820M IC to amplify the audio, and unfortunately this IC is now  obsolete. The new Version 2.0 uses an LM386 IC which is an active product. The different IC requires a different circuit so the accompanying components and circuit have changed. Always keeping value in mind we've manage to produce this kit for sale at the same price as the old one, and overall performance in terms of quality and volume is comparable, and of course just as with the original it is compatible with any personal audio equipment with a 3.5mm output jack such as MP3 players.


We know that many of our education customers rely on other resources for the design aspect of this kit, and so with that in mind we have kept the PCB footprint and mounting holes the same, so enclosures such as this example from Meole Brace School can still be made.


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