New Products: 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Kit and Needle File Set
Friday means new products at Kitronik and this week we've pumped-up-the-volume with our new 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Kit which has great sound quality. Kevin Spurr introduces the new kit in this YouTube video from Kitronik's YouTube Channel.

This 3W Class D Stereo Amplifier has excellent sound quality, amplification is driven by the on-board pre-soldered PAM8008 3W amplifier integrated circuit and takes full advantage of the 2 included Full Range Speakers for excellent sound quality at high volume.


3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Kit

You can use the 3W Stereo Amp Kit with any MP3 player, smart phone or music playing device that has a 3.5mm stereo jack port (let's be honest that's pretty much everything). The 3W amp can be powered by using 3x AA batteries from the battery box included or from it's pre-mounted Micro USB connector through a USB socket on a computer or by using a 5W Micro USB Mains Power Adaptor.


3W Class D Stereo Amplifier Kit

We've also a new set of tools for you, our new 6 Piece Needle File Set  Each file is 140mm and has a cushioned grip handle the full set is presented in a handy carry case for safe storage between tasks.


6 Piece Needle File Set

This set of 6 140mm files includes the following shapes ideal for fine finishing on your projects!

  • 1 x Flat taper file.
  • 1 x Flat round file.
  • 1 x Triangular file.
  • 1 x Square file.
  • 1 x Round file.
  • 1 x Flat parallel file.
More new products next week.


Rob Haywood

Rob Haywood

Although this article is quite technical it does explain, and we'll try and get a briefer explanation online in the new year.



A very useful kit, can you explain what's the difference b/w class A,B,C,D.

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