New Products Now Available To Order At Kitronik
Now available to order at Kitronik are three new lines that will help you bring your project ideas and lessons to life. As Design and Technology is a large and varied subject  we are always on the lookout for new lines that will help teachers deliver the wide ranging syllabus, be that materials, components or new electronics kits.

Now Available To Order -870

We have a new material to Kitronik, a new variety of an existing material and a brand new E-Textiles kit for the BBC micro:bit. Below you'll find a brief description of each and also details of the online version of our Design And Technology Catalogue 2016 - 2017.  

Blue Styrofoam Craft Foam:

Now Available To Order At Kitronik _craft_foam_25mm_x_600mm_x_600mm

Due to popular demand we've introduced two new blue Styrofoam craft foam sheets. A 25mm thick sheet and a 50mm thick sheet which are both ideal for classroom use. The ease with which these sheets can be shaped makes them ideal for model making, building fast prototypes, planning architectural structures, children's art and making moulds for vacuum forming to name but a few. Both lines are now available to order via the links below:  

Cherry Veneered MDF:

Now Available To Order At Kitronik _cherry_veneered_mdf_600mm_400mm_sheet

We've introduced a new high quality A/B grade Cherry Veneered MDF panel measuring 4mm x 600mm x 400mm which is ideal for use with a laser cutter. It's the perfect choice for structural projects requiring a high quality appearance and finish on both the topside and panelling. A wood veneer is not like an artificial surface such as melamine or a laminate. It is cut from the log and therefore has its own unique grain, texture and colour and will look great no matter what you use it for. The Cherry Veneered MDF is now available to order:  

E-Textiles Kit For The BBC micro:bit:

Now Available To Order At Kitronik _e_textiles_kit_for_the_bbc_micorobit

This kit is a great cost effective way to get started with creating BBC micro:bit controlled E-Textiles projects and designs. The kit consists of five regular 5mm LEDs, ten of our ultra-slim LEDs, ten crocodile clips and 6 meters of conductive thread, which is enough components for you get started immediately to create our Emoji Bag and Rocket Pencil Case projects with enough extra LEDs and Crocodile clips to also create something of your own design. The E-Textiles Kit for the BBC micro:bit is now available to order:  

Online Design & Technology Catalogue 2016 - 2017:

Now Available To Order At Kitronik Catalogue 2016 - 2017-870

Out latest Catalogue is now out which details our entire range of products and also contains details of many of our free resources, many of which are brand new. To make the catalogue more accessible and convenient we have also created an online version. Click the image to view the online copy.  

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