New Product Update: Solid Core and Multi-Strand Cable 10m Lengths and Retail Pack Mono Amplifier Kit
Welcome back to the regular Friday New Product post from the team at Kitronik we've all had a super holiday over the festive season and we're pleased to bring you news of new products! Not every product we post is life changing or even very exciting, but we are sure you'll find this news very useful all the same!


Solid Core Cable 1/0.6, 10m

We've been asked for smaller lengths of wire than our 100m Reels of Solid Core Cable and Multi-strand Cable so we're happy to introduce 10m lengths of both Solid Core Cable and Multi-stand Cable for our customers.

Solid Core Cable is ideal for using as links on a Prototype Board, Strip Board and project PCBs. Our Solid Core Cable is 1/0.6mm Solid Core tinned copper and is RoHS compliant and CE approved.

C2457_large_multi_strand_cable__10mMulti-strand Cable 7/0.2, 10m

Multi-strand cable is useful for connecting items to boards where the cable may flex. Our Multi-strand cable is RoHS compliant and CE approved and is manufactured in the UK.

Both Solid Core and Multi-strand cables are available in Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and White so you can colour code the wires in your electronics projects.


Retail Pack - Mono Amplifier Kit

We've put Version 2 of our popular Mono Amplifier Kit into a retail pack. Our Mono Amplifier Kit can be used with any personal stereo equipment, including MP3 players and most smart phones. It uses an LM386 audio amplifier IC which can output 1.25W of power. The kit is supplied with a pre-built jack cable and a PP3 battery clip, and can run off any voltage from 4 to 12 Volts (Absolute Maximum 15V). That's it for this week, we'll have more new products for you next Friday of course!

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