NTU  - Bringing electronic fashion into the classroom
Design and technology lecturers Sarah Davies and Alison Hardy from the Centre for Design and Technology Education department at Nottingham Trent University recently worked on creating some new resources. The plan is to introduce students to electronic textiles through hands-on exploratory activities that use new materials such as sewable components, LEDs and electronic thread, that can be combined to create battery holders and additional components.


We joined up with the team from the School of Education through the University’s Working with You project in order to find out which products would be most useful to teachers in a modern D&T classroom. We worked with teachers from across the country to test which resources would be most effective in the classroom to bring together electronics and textiles.

battery holder_800

We're excited to show you the results of the work with a new resource explaining how to make a soft power board. Truly bringing electronic fashion into the classroom. Don't miss out on further developments. Sign up to our newsletter here.

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