Offcut Art From Your Laser Cutter
Anyone who’s used a laser cutter knows the satisfying moment where all of the parts fall out of the perspex sheet. But the sheet itself sometimes leaves a fantastic pattern that seems a shame to throw away. Display a piece of your favourite projects and save waste material with this easy bonus project! laser offcut art display sheets white background  

You Will Need:

  We used poly cement for two Perspex sheets. If you wanted to make a wood version, use PVA wood glue and clamps to ensure a good bond.  

Preparing the offcut

laser offcut art jets sheet preparation First you will need to decide which way up you want to display this nice reminder of your project. Consider the space you want to put it in, and which orientation makes the cut-outs look best. You could have it in portrait, landscape, or even hanging from a corner. Ensure that the offcut has no sharp edges using a fine grade sandpaper. Also, keep a close watch for sharp fractures at the thinnest points  

Preparing the backing

laser offcut art backing sheet drilling To prepare the backing layer, you will need to drill two 2.5mm holes. (If you have a 2.7mm bit, this will make an even better fit). Leaving the backing on, mark a cross from corner to corner. Half way from the centre to the top corners, mark a dot for and drill this point. Carefully drill these points with the protective film still on, then remove it. TIP: If you only have a 2.5mm drill bit, it will help to move the drill bit around to make the hole slightly larger than 2.5mm.   laser offcut art inserting mounting screws Screw an 8mm M3 counter sunk screw into each hole in the backing sheet. Additionally, be careful not to let the tip protrude from the other side. Also, a Phillips driver on your drill will make this much easier than by hand, as it will be a tight fit.  

Glueing the layers

laser offcut art pink layers gluing We used poly cement to bond the two sheets, however, PVA or superglue would work equally well. Since the surface area of the two parts is so large, most contact glues will work. Apply the glue to the underside of the top sheet then lower it onto the backing sheet. Then, press these together with clamps or heavy objects to ensure a good bond.  

Finishing the piece

laser offcut art back wall mounting string Finally, tie a piece of string or spare wire around the head of each screw. Also, make sure these are secure (use glue if needed), then the piece is ready to be mounted on a wall.   Alternatively, here's some more ideas for turning perspex offcuts into useful items.

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