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Perspex Preperation and After-care - Kitronik University This Kitronik University course is part of the working with materials course and covers aspects of preparing Perspex before work, and after-care.  

Preparing Perspex

Perspex sheets arrive with a protection film on both sides. This film can be left in place during most fabrication and all marking-out drawn on the film. preparing-and-cleaning-perspex-sheets-backing-870 The only time you need to remove the film before processing is if thermoforming, with the exception of extruded acrylic where the film may often be left in place provided sheets are only lightly formed and the film is in good condition. Any imperfections in the film can cause marks to be transferred to the thermoformed article. It is, therefore, the customer’s responsibility to decide whether or not the film should be left in place.  

Cleaning Perspex

Cleaning of Perspex® is not generally required until after fabrication unless it is being printed, in which case it may be advisable to wash the surfaces to be printed with clean, fresh water using a chamois leather or soft cloth. This has the benefit of removing all traces of static charge from the sheet after removal of the film which might otherwise attract dust. preparing-and-cleaning-perspex-sheets-cleaning-870 As Perspex® sometimes does become charged with static if rubbed, it can easily attract dust from the air. For a fortnightly or so clean of your finished product, just wash add a small amount of detergent to clean, cold water and use a chamois leather or soft cloth. Never use a dry cloth, or a cloth that has been used to clean other surfaces as small pieces of grit caught in the cloth might scratch the surface. We absolutely do not recommend the use of any solvents such as methylated spirits, turpentine, white spirit or any window cleaning products.

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