This week, we are revisiting one of our most popular items for schools and makers alike. Our Quartz Clock Mechanism is a complete clock mechanism with all of the fixings so you just have to design and make your own unique clock face. It comes with easy-to-mount fixings and hour, minute and second hands and can run for over a year with just 1 AA battery!


Quartz Clock Mechanism

These mechanisms are great if you want to make your own clock or for replacing faulty clock mechanisms and come with all required fixing hardware and hour, minute and second hands. They are accurate to within 30 seconds per month and you can set the time easily by adjusting the dial on the back of the unit.


Quartz Clock Mechanism Parts

The clock mechanism itself has a slim profile and has an in-built hook that is designed for mounting on a wall. Popular uses include recycling old CDs, vinyls and laser cutting custom designs from Perspex or plywood to make into clocks, but if you're after a more complete kit you can try our clock making kit, or assemble your own kit from our range of accessories.


 Build a Clock Kit

If you're inspired to give them a try, we've recently introduced a further price break when you buy 500 clocks, at just 75p each! If you're looking for inspiration for the design for your clock faces; our friend Trish at Dressed to a Tee has sent us some fantastic photos of some clock faces she has been making (see Dressed to a Tee Gallery). We'd love to see the clock faces you have been making and feature them in our gallery. You can get send the photos to this email address. We think our mechanisms are so good, we've made a video covering the details of them below:

Quartz Clock Mechanism from Kitronik

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