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Teachers Lesson Plan For LAMP:bit For microbit
Unlock your students potential with this free Lesson Plan for our LAMP:bit for the BBC microbit. Students will learn how to code a street light that also reacts to ambient light levels with this classroom ready teaching resource. Teachers Lesson Plan For LAMP:bit For microbit main It has been designed to introduce Key Stage 3 students to embedded systems. The lesson includes curriculum mapping and also practical challenges for KS3 students. The lesson is expected to take 30 minutes. Additionally, it can be shortened and also lengthened if needed, suggestions for which can be found in the lesson plan.  

Pairs Of Students Will Need:

  Firstly, the ZIP file for this lesson plans contains a PDF of the LAMP:bit for microbit lesson plan.  

Teachers Lesson Plan For LAMP:bit For microbit:

  This is an introductory lesson for students in Key Stage 3 for embedded systems with the Kitronik LAMP:bit for BBC micro:bit. The teacher will write the algorithms on the board and the students will then create the code using the algorithm as a guide. The recommended ratio of students to LAMP:bits is 2:1. The LAMP:bit street light is part the micro:Town range by Kitronik. Offering micro:bit controlled modelling of real world systems, and also an introduction to embedded systems typically found within an urban setting.   Finally, the ZIP file for this lesson plans contains aPDF.

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