Another Robox Visit!
Last month, Daniel, our newest team member went down to see the guys at CEL Robox for a week to get a closer look at the Robox 3D Printer, and swap notes on designing 3D models.


You've already had a taste of what he can do as he has produced the very popular CAD drawings of the BBC micro:bit as seen in this Kitronik University resource. He produced this fantastic spinning .GIF of a 3D render of the BBC micro:bit (see below).


In order to make a 3D model, technical drawings are made using Autodesk's Inventor Professional 2016 (free to use for schools, students and teachers) and exported as an .STL file. The .STL file format is the universally accepted format for 3D printers, and the CEL Robox 3D Printer is no exception. Once the model is imported into Automaker, the Robox 3D Printer then prints it out. Our Designer worked on developing a range of 3D printable cases for our very own 2GB Memory Stick that can be quickly printed out in approximately 25 minutes, have a look at the picture below for a sneak preview. memory_stick_together_01_870 Whilst our designer was down at the CEL Headquarters he took some intriguing photos of some 3D printed models using the Robox 3D Printer including an accurate model of 'Roger' from the cartoon 'American Dad' (see below):


These models also caught our eye, a face and a 3D printed lamp (see below). We think the 3D printed lamp in the background would make an excellent enclosure for housing our very own 5V LED Desk Lamp Kit.



We will be giving you regular updates to what our in house designer is up to and there will be updates via the usual means through our blogs and newsletters,

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