Our Conductive Thread Winding Machine Hack!
Take an old and used thread winding machine, an Arduino Uno, our Relay Board Kit, an LCD Screen, a few switches, a 5V Power Supply (and a few more parts here and there) and we have… a Thread Winding Machine designed to measure and wind a piece of conductive thread neatly around an Electro-Fashion bobbin!
  The motor within the winding machine spins a bar that protrudes from the left side of the machine, holding the Electro-Fashion t-shirt (thread holder) on the end. With each spin, the conductive thread is wrapped around the t-shirt. thread_winding_machine_hack_560_07thread_winding_machine_hack_560_02 thread_winding_machine_hack_560_05 thread_winding_machine_hack_560_06 The Arduino Uno has been programmed to drive the Relay Board, which determines how many times the motor should spin the t-shirt depending on the length that we require the conductive thread to be. The LCD Screen lists the modes that are available e.g. ‘2m T-shirt’, ‘6m T-shirt’ and ‘45m Bobbin’, which are controlled by two buttons – one button changes the mode and the other runs the command that has been selected. thread_winding_machine_hack_560_01 thread_winding_machine_hack_560_03 Our conductive thread is available in reels of 50 yards/45m, 2m, and 6m.

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