Electro-Fashion Madness!
This week, we have gone mad by adding a large number of Electro-Fashion boards so you can have even more options when designing your e-textile projects! We've added some new products we know you have been clamouring for including the long-awaited Electro-Fashion, Latching Switch (also available with a built-in Coin Cell Holder), Sewable 5mm LED Holders, a new Sewable Buzzer and an E-textiles Battery.


A montage of our new Electro-Fashion Boards

To start off, we have introduced an Electro-Fashion, Latching Switch that stays on when you press the button and switches off when you press the button for a second time. This is especially useful for e-textiles projects that include built-in LEDs so the latching switch keeps the LEDs on when you want them and switches them off when you don't need them. This has removed the hassle of fully removing the 3V Coin Cell Battery you previously had to do in order to conserve the battery on your e-textiles project. It can also be useful if the battery is in a different place and is hard to access. The Electro-Fashion, Latching Switch Coin Cell Holder is an excellent option if you want centralised access to the switch and battery for easier maintenance.


Latching Switch Coin Cell Holder (left) and Latching Switch (right)

Our new Electro-Fashion. 5mm LED Holders are available in a pack of 10 and are ideal for easily adding LEDs on to any e-textiles project. With such a large number of compatible LEDs available, there is a LED colour to suit any e-textiles project. The LED holders have instructions and outlines already on the holders to make it as easy as possible for you to add a compatible 5mm LED.


A pack of 10, 5mm LED Holder

Just slide the chosen LED through the holes in the middle of the board, matching the flat side of the LED to the outline on the PCB. Solder the LED into place, snip the excess length from the LED legs and you have just converted a through hole LED into an easy sewable LED board! All of our Electro-Fashion PCBs are double sided making the thread connection very reliable and can be easily separated by snapping them out so you can get on with making your e-textiles project. Along with adding light to your project in the form of the LED Holders, we have made a new Electro-Fashion, Sewable Buzzer so you can add sound to your wearables. This comes in the form of a loud, 80db magnetic buzzer attached to one of our new LED Holder PCBs. This buzzer packs a punch and it only runs off 3V, so it can be powered by any of our 3V Coin Cell Batteries that are ideal for use with our Electro-Fashion range of products.


Electro-Fashion, Sewable Buzzer

Finally, we have added a new 110mAh Polymer Lithium Ion (LiPo) E-textiles battery that provides great portability for wearables thanks to the small size of the battery. This battery is specifically designed for e-textiles projects with no risk to short-out and provides a low current delivery as it will cut off in the range of 240-380mA. This makes it a safer option when compared to standard lithium polymer batteries. It provides 3.7V to power your LED circuits and is fully rechargeable using the Lithium Polymer Charger/Booster (available separately) so you can enjoy your e-textiles projects again and again.


110mAh Polymer Lithium Ion (LiPo) E-textiles Battery

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