Featuring: MyMiniFactory Light of Night Orb
This week, we are looking at some unique 3D printable designs you can print using your 3D printer including these Light of Night Orbs.


Designed to light up a room using our own 1W Micro USB Lamp Kit, the Light of Night lamp and Light of Night Orb are intricate 3D printed designs are extremely energy efficient thanks to the surprisingly bright 1W Warm White Power LED Star at the centre of the orb. These orbs are designed to replace traditional tea lights for mood lighting and completely eliminate the risk of fire so you can be rest assured you can leave them on for a prolonged amount of time.


Light of Night Orb

These designs are available from the MyMiniFactory website in the .stl file format, so you can download them straight to your 3D printer connected to your computer. MyMiniFactory is a website dedicated to hosting 3D printing designs that go through a stringent testing process by their in-house team so you don't have to worry about the design.


Light of Night

All of the Light of Night lamps in the photographs have all been printed using our own Robox 3D printer here at the Kitronik HQ using our own Chroma Green ABS filament. The print took around 12 hours to print as it is a large, elaborate design. You can see a time-lapse video of a Robox 3D printer making a 3D printed carabiner here at Kitronik HQ:
  We have covered MyMiniFactory before in a couple of articles including: Exploring MyMiniFactory 3D Printing Resource featuring a 3D Printed Retro FM Radio housing our own MP3 Mono Amplifier kit designed by Mark Ledwold and a Superb 3D Design resource using a Deluxe Stereo Amplifier kit. As always, please sign up to our newsletter here to see all of the goings on here at Kitronik!

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