Geoff Hampson In York For microbit CPD
On Monday Kitronik Director, Geoff Hampson, was at the National STEM Centre in York with Paul Boyd and Gemma Taylor. They were there to deliver 1-day CPD course on "Using the microbit in design and technology/ICT" to teachers and technicians. national-stem-centre-york-cpd It was a hands-on day where attendees learned about programming and functions of the microbit and where they gained an awareness of the free teaching and project resources available. By the end of the day attendees would be able to:
  • Gain hands-on experience using the microbit and learn how to manage its use in the classroom.
  • Explore the use of the breakout board to connect to sensors, LEDs and buzzers.
  • Learn how to connect to motors using a Kitronik motor driver board.
  • Discover the free resources available from BBC Make it Digital and associated partners.
national-stem-centre-york-cpd-2 The day covered a number of topics and each was accompanied by hands-on activities. The first session was an introduction to coding with blocks, they then moved onto connecting the microbit to peripherals with clip leads, then coding with other editors before finishing the day off with a session on using an edge connector to access all of the pins on the microbit. national-stem-centre-york-cpd-3 The feedback from the day has been extremely positive and a more in-depth 2-day course has been scheduled in for November of this year. You will learn how to integrate the microbit into the secondary curriculum, with ideas for the whole age range and you will become knowledgeable about the capabilities of all of the programming environments provided for the microbit, from very simple to advanced level. Some feedback from the day:
“just wanted to say a personal thank you to you, Paul and Geoff for a very enjoyable and informative day on the recent micro:bit course.  It was brilliantly run, superbly resourced and highly interactive allowing individuals to learn at thier own pace without embarrasment.  The facilities are high class and a credit to the National STEM centre.  I will certainly look at other courses applicable to myself in the future. Respect.”
  You can find more information about the 2-day training, including a booking link, here.  

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