How to Select a PSU for your LED Strips
LED strips are very easy to use, but you need to make sure the power supply has sufficient capacity for the length of LED strips being used. As all the colours of LED strips take about 400 mA per meter, the longer the length of strip the bigger the power supply has to be. To save you doing the maths below is a table showing the maximum length for each of the power supplies. The highest power option is a wall mount power supply which is good for fixed installations of a couple of reels of LEDs.
Max length Power supply Code
1.25m 12V, 500mA, wall plug PSU 2260
5m (1 reel) 12V, 2A, wall plug PSU 2266
  The LED strips are available in a range of colours either as a half meter length or a full 5m reel.   Download a pdf version of this page here pdf_icon.gif Learn more about the author

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