Introducing: Arduino Pro Mini & Compatible Pro Micro
This week we've gone small. Mini in fact. We already sell a lot of the Arduino compatible 5V Pro Micro, so we decided not only to add the 3.3V version, but also the Arduino Pro Mini.


The 3.3V Pro Micro contains an improved ATmega32U4 chip, and has the advantage of ease of use with compatible 3.3V sensors combined with lower power consumption. Unlike the Pro Minis this board contains an on board USB transceiver, so it doesn't require an external FTDI boards to be able to connect it to a computer. If that's not enough we now also sell the Arduino Pro Mini, at just 33mm x 18mm, this super energy efficient board is available as 5V/16Mhz (the same as that standard Arduino), and 3.3V/8MHz. If you're stuck for space, or want an Arduino to power your project without the expense of an Uno, these are the boards for you. Use an FTDI breakout board to connect it to your computer for programming, and then disconnect, install it in your project and forget.


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