Introducing: Motors Galore!
This week, we are powering ahead by introducing 4 new motors. These motors are ideal for a variety of applications that range from low current solar power (see our recent blog) to industrial uses such as powering water pumps where a high amount of torque is required.


 A montage of our new motors

The first motor we are introducing is a HS540 High Torque Motor that is suitable for a wide range of uses requiring large amounts of torque. This makes it ideal for industrial applications.


HS540 High Torque Motor

The second motor is a S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC motor that can operate between 12V - 24V that also has a high spinning rate (14350RPM), making it ideal for robotics such as robotic arms.


S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC motor

Continuing with the theme of solar power from last week, we are introducing two solar motors; one Low Inertia Solar Motor with a starting voltage of only 1.5V (see below) and one Solar Motor with Gearbox.


Low Inertia Solar Motor - 2800 RPM

The Solar Motor with Gearbox has a high ratio gearbox (27:1), ideal for adding one of our solar cells to make a solar buggy. The high ratio gearbox is useful because it helps solar buggys go up inclines easier thanks to the added torque from the gearbox. This makes it useful as an introduction to alternative, sustainable and renewable power sources..


Solar Motor With Gearbox

We already sell a number of high (MM28 High Torque Motor), medium (MM18 Medium Torque Motor) and low (MM12 Low Torque Motor) torque motors, all requiring a lower operating voltage than the new HS540 High Torque  and S365 (MM36) High Power 12VDC motors (see above). This makes them ideal for buggys and motorised vehicles. As always, please do sign up to our newsletter here for more details on new products at Kitronik.

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