Introducing: Solar Cells - Shining a Light on Solar Energy
Expanding our range of solar cells including new 1.5V, 2V and 5V Polycrystalline solar cells. Free unpredictable British weather included!


From left: 1.5V, 2V and 5V Polycrystalline Solar Cells

Due to increased interest in our renewable power range we have introduced three new solar cells, giving you even more options for your environmentally friendly projects! Our new solar cells have a waterproof PET laminated finish on the topside. This protects the active surface from the elements, making them suitable for outdoor applications. The wires on the back aren’t protected though so you’ll need to use a waterproof enclosure if it’s going to be left out in the rain. In addition, we already have a selection of solar cells in store including two 3V (available in 50mA and 100mA varieties) and one large 5V solar cell (see below).


 5.0V 200mA Polycrystalline Solar Cell

These solar cells are ideal in outdoor projects requiring a self-contained power source. Don't forget to check out our existing solar range, including our very own Solar Garden Light with Battery Kit. It is also available as a retail pack.


 Solar Garden Light With Battery

Another popular solar kit is our Solar Powered Buggy Kit. The kit has an efficient low inertia solar motor with a low starting current so the buggy converts as much light as possible into movement.


 Solar Powered Buggy

Keep tuned for an expansion to our motors section for two more solar motors to go with your solar cells! As always, you can sign up to our newsletter here to keep up to date with all of our new products here at Kitronik!

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