Introducing: SparkFun’s Arduino MicroView Module with Accessories!
Here at Kitronik over the last week, we have been very busy getting our new Memory Game (#memgame) ready for its first outing at the Maker Faire UK at the Life Centre in Newcastle. We are continuing with the recent Arduino theme by introducing the Arduino MicroView Module with its associated accessories and SparkFun’s Line Sensor Breakout Board into our current product line up.

46106_additional_sparkfun_microview_oled_arduino_module_clock 560

The MicroView is an extremely small Arduino compatible microprocessor with an OLED display and is ideal for rapid prototyping. No soldering is required as it plugs straight into any compatible breadboard.

46106_large_sparkfun_microview_oled_arduino_module 560

The module itself has an ATMEL’s ATMega328P chip at its heart, making it 100% code compatible with the Arduino Uno that contains the same chip. It has 32KB of on board memory and features 12 Digital I/O Pins and 6 Analog inputs for maximum accessibility and function.

46106_additional_sparkfun_microview_oled_arduino_module_usb_connector 560

For all the aspiring inventors out there; we’ve added the entire Inventor’s Kit for MicroView that includes everything you need to get started with creating up to 11 different circuits with the MicroView included. We recommend this to anyone who is not familiar to programming their own Arduino (in C#) as it includes a complete digital guide so you can get stuck into programming your very own MicroView immediately!

46104_additional_sparkfun_inventor's_kit_for_microview_circuit 560

We have also added the MicroView USB Programmer so you can directly connect the MicroView to your computer. This USB Programmer allows you to program the MicroView module from the USB port of a computer, is breadboard compatible and enables debugging capabilities.

46105_large_sparkfun_microview_usb_programmer 560

Finally, we've added SparkFun’s Line Sensor Breakout board that features an infra-red phototransistor that outputs a variable voltage that directly correlates with the amount of infra-red light received. White surfaces reflect more light than black surfaces and so will return a lower voltage output. This makes this breakout board ideal for line-sensing robots!

46107_large_sparkfun_line_sensor_breakout_QRE1113_(Analog) 560

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