Kitronik April 2013 Update

Hello and welcome to our April newsletter. In this edition we will be covering some of our new products. These include vibrobugs, candle LED's, a range of different tools and many more.


This Vibrobug is supplied in kit form and requires a small amount of soldering as well as some mechanical assembly. A coin cell powers a small off centre motor which vibrates the whole body of the bug and causes it to move around a table.

The kit contains:

A pre-cut piece of Perspex containing the bug parts. A miniature 3V vibrating motor. A coin cell power board kit. A set of fixings (4 nuts & bolts). A coin cell battery.

Making a Vibrobug

In the January update we reported on a project that we were doing to design a bug to that could be cut from 3mm Perspex and would scuttle across the table powered by a vibrating motor.

After a number of revisions we now have a final vibro bug design. Schools can download the data (see quick link) and save money by cutting their own vibro bug from a sheet of Perspex.

To cut the vibro bug yourself, you will need: - A 100 x 100 mm piece of 3mm Perspex.

- A miniature 3V vibrating motor.

- A coin cell power board kit.

- M3 nut & 12mm bolt x4 Coin Cell Power Board Kit  

This kit offers a compact alternative to using two AA batteries. The coin cell holder takes a CR2032 cell, which is included. There is also a small on / off switch.

Poster & Mug Giveaway

As everyone likes a freebie we’re currently sending out posters and mugs with larger orders. The poster is A2 sized and has a poster on each side so you can choose which one to go for. On one side is a poster on how to solder and on the other side is an explanation on working out resistor colour bands. We will send you a free poster out whenever you spend £50 or more. When you spend £150 on a single order as well as receiving the poster we will also send you this great looking Kitronik mug free of charge. This offer is available while stocks last.

kitronik-april-2013-update Bare Conductive - House kit

Bare Paint is the first non-toxic electrically conductive paint available to consumers today! This unique child-friendly material is designed for people of all ages to explore and learn about electronics with an inclusive, easy-to-use material.

Bare's House Kit contains all the components you need to make TWO light sensitive paper houses using a Bare Paint Pen. This kit is appropriate for makers of all ages, though assembly will require adult supervision for children younger than 12.

High power stereo amplifier kit

Amplifier kits have been a popular choice with school D&T departments for many years. At key stage 3 where there is a limited budget the choice generally tends to be limited to a mono amplifier or one of our low power stereo amplifiers. However on a one off GCSE productdesign project the budget becomes less of an issue as students become more concerned with how the kit performs. If you are looking for performance then this kit has to be the choice. The sound quality and volume are comparable to a car stereo or portable ghetto-blaster. This is achieved by using a pair of full range speakers which have an excellent response from low bass frequencies to high treble frequencies.

These high spec speakers are combined with a circuit that can drive each of them at 15 Watts giving good quality audio at a loud volume. The higher output power means that it’s not practical to run the amplifier off batteries, instead the kit is supplied with a wall block power supply.

The kit is available in three versions, as a full set with the power supply, speakers, components & PCB and either a jack lead or an iPod lead. If you already have your own speakers then it is possible to just buy the components and PCB.

High Power Stereo Amplifier

This amplifier kit can output up to 15W per channel into a pair of high quality speakers. The kit is capable of producing a very loud, high quality stereo sound. The kit includes all the parts required (plug in power supply, two speakers, PCB etc) to build your own amplifier for use with items such as MP3 players. 5W 6.5cm full range speaker

When the budget doesn’t stretch to the high power amp and you have selected the mono or stereo amplifier then you can improve the sound quality by adding this speaker. It is 65 mm, 5W full range speaker whilst the circuit board won’t drive the speaker at its full potential it will still sound a whole lot better.

New Yellow Candle Flicker LED

This LED flickers to produce a look similar to that of a candle. This makes it ideal for mood lighting, toys or ornaments. See quicklink for video of this LED in action.

New Tools

We’ve added some new tools to the range including these combined wire cutters / wire strippers, a helping hand with LED light and glue gun. Check out the full range of tools at:

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