Kitronik Extends E-Textiles Range

Extended E-Textiles range now available

We have recently increased the number of products in our, already very popular, Electro Fashion E-Textiles range. Last September we introduced a basic power board that allows LEDs to be added to your textiles project. The range has now been expanded to give different options for turning LEDs on and off, and some easier to use pre-mounted LEDs. Until recent years electronics and textiles haven’t really mixed, that was until the invention of conductive thread. Using conductive thread and some basic knowledge of how to connect an LED it is really easy to add some light to your textiles project. Normally in electronics wires are used to make the connections, however this is not practical with a textiles project. Instead conductive thread can be used. This is a thread that can be sewn like cotton thread but conducts like a wire. Using the conductive thread a circuit can be made from a small coin cell battery to one or more LEDs. The fantastic new ‘Electro-Fashion’ range has been specially designed to make this simple. Sewable LED kits are available either with two flashing LEDs or one colour changing LED. For more complex projects parts can be purchased separately. This is our new switched coin cell holder . This like our normal coin cell holder but has that added benefit of a built in power switch. This lets you turn the power to you circuit off without the need to remove the battery.


This is our separate sewable power switch. This lets you mount the power switch in a separate position to the coin cell holder if required.


The third image shows our sewable push switch. This can be used to turn LEDs etc on while the switch is pressed.


The fourth item is our sewable tilt switch. This can be used to activate your circuit when your textiles product is tilted.


Lastly the bottom image shows a panel of ten of our sewable PCB LEDs. These are much flatter than standard LEDs so can be used in different types of textiles products where this is an advantage.


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