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Kitronik University Welcome to the Kitronik University. We've written lots of guides on topics ranging from understanding electronic principles, practical demonstrations around soldering, e-textiles resources and much more. We've split things into three topics called Learning, Teaching and Making in order to help you quickly find the course you need.  


Whether you're looking for help understanding the world of electronics or practical help with skills we have just the resource for you.

Understanding Electronic Principles

These resources aim to assist in explaining the technical side of electronics in an easy to understand manner. There are explanations on components, resistor values, capacitor values and so on. They are great for beginners and make good support material for teachers. Get learning now.

Interactive Learn & Test Zone

The interactive learn & test zone contains presentations on a topic along with a multiple choice test to check your understanding. Topics include: resistor and capacitor values, circuit symbols, ohms law and so on. Check out this great revision aid here.

Electronics Skills

These resources teach you the skills needed to work with electronics and include topics such as soldering, and more. Click here to start learning.

Working with materials

Find out which of our materials can be worked with in which ways in our handy working with materials section. Get making here.


Our resources for secondary school teachers are second to none. In this section you'll find out what to expect when purchasing a high quality project kit from Kitronik as well as all of our teaching note for all of our kits. If you're unsure which kit you need our kit selector can help.

Teaching Resources

This one stop page features all of our teaching notes for our own kits, as well as cutting files, and other resources for kits we sell. Click here to see our teaching resources.

D&T Electronics Kit Selector

A table indicating which kits fulfil certain aspect of the D&T Electronics GCSE. Click here to check our Electronics Kit Selector.

About our Project Kits

What to expect from a Kitronik project kit: Teaching Notes and PCB information. Click here to find out what to expect from a Kitronik Project kit.

Memory Stick Resource

This resource has been designed to show how you can use our uncased memory stick modules as the basis for a 3D printing project. A memory stick is a great place to start when learning how to use 3D Printers and CAD software. This is because they are small in size, meaning they are quick to print (when compared to larger designs), but can still offer a wide range of learning and design experiences. Click here to get started.

3D Models

3D models of several of our kits, useful for anyone using CAD to design a laser cut or 3D printed case. Click here to get designing.

Programming Tasks

Useful resources for our Programmable Timer Kit, Programmable Music Box, Motor Controller, and Laser Cut Tank Kit. Click here to get programming.


Looking for inspiration? Check out our tutorials sections.

Electronic Project Tutorials

The electronics tutorials page contains student and hobbyist friendly projects giving detailed explanation on how they can be built. These include: a dimmer light, various light / heat switched applications, a 7 segment dice using logic gates and much more. Click here to get making.

E-Textiles and Wearables Tutorials & Resources

This Kitronik University resource is for anyone interested in E-Textiles and wearables. For those who don't know what electronic textiles are we cover all of the basics including elementary circuit design, and basic do's and don'ts when using conductive thread. If you're looking for something more advanced we have a range of tutorials for many of our Electro-Fashion components including our Igloo, PICAXE wearable module. Click here to get sewing.

Scout Electronics Badge Resources

This page has parts lists for the IET Scouts electronic badge projects. Click here to see the Scout resources.

LED Resistor Calculator

This page allows you to choose one of our LEDs from a list, enter the battery voltage and the page will calculate the resistor that you need to use. Click here for our LED Resistor Calculator.

Specialist Courses

Complete stand alone courses covering topics such as the BBC micro:bit and 3D Printing.

BBC micro:bit

This Kitronik University course is part of the BBC micro:bit partnership and covers aspects of the BBC micro:bit including an overview of what it is, what our role is and of course tutorials to let you get started using it within Design & Technology. Click here to see our BBC micro:bit resources.

3D Printing

This Kitronik University Course covers aspects of 3D Printing, including general FAQs such as the differences between types of filament, and Robox RBX-01 specific resources such as changing the print head, loading filament and more. Click here to see our 3D Printing Resources.


melody neal

melody neal

i found it very useful

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Luke, Sorry for the issue you've uncovered. I will update the quick link today, in the meantime, the link should point to this URL:

Luke Mulhall

Luke Mulhall

Dear Sir/Madam, We have a Line Following Buggy Stock code 5604. On the packaging it instructs going to When I go there the link says it is not working. Please can you advise? Kind regards, Luke

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi, thanks for getting in touch. We currently only stock white in 2mm thicknesses. I will make a request to our buying team that we look into the possibility of obtaining a wider range, now that we have moved into larger premises this is a possibility. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but hopefully, in the near future, our range may more closely fit your needs.

Cold Rider -Extreme E-Bike Enthusiast

Cold Rider -Extreme E-Bike Enthusiast

Looking at your plastic sheet items ,I did not find if you have some at about these sizes and in black -> thikness 1.4 to 2mm and 60cm X 60cm ,those size don't need to be exact . The minimum size I am looking for 25cm X 55cm (could be up to 80cm) and the second size I am looking for 50cm X 50cm ,from those size I can cut them down to what I need . Thank You for the time and great work on spreading knowledge and stimulating curiosity in technologies .



i lov u guys

philip havlin

philip havlin

Hi, do you have a construction diagram/instructions for the FM Radio Kit V2.0? If so could I have a copy for to print off for my students. Regards, Phil

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