How to Make a Sewable Christmas Decoration Using Our Free Pre-Cut Foam Template
This project uses our free pre-cut foam decoration and an easy sew LED to make a simple light up Christmas decoration. The lack of specialist skills needed to make this project make it quick to make and one that is ideal for beginners or anyone wanting an e-textiles project that is simple.


Learn how to:

  • Create a simple sewable circuit with an ultraslim easy sew LED.

Level of difficulty:

  • Beginner.

Parts List

In order to make your Sewable Christmas Decoration you will need:

You will also require the following equipment:

Step by Step Guide to making your Sewable Christmas Decoration

Step 1


Thread your needle with conductive thread. If you have never threaded conductive thread before you might want to refer to our handy threading a needle with conductive thread guide. Thread the needle with the conductive thread.

Step 2


You will notice on templates that we have made engraving positions for the positive and negative sides of the LED and coin cell holder. Place the coin cell holder the correct way round, with the positive sign on the holder lining up with the positive side on the template. Start your first stitch off. If you haven't sewn with conductive thread before you might want to see our guide on starting to sew. Make sure the connection points are sewn tightly four or five times to ensure a good electrical connection. Once the coin cell holder is in place, run the stitches up through the alternating holes to where the LED will sit.

Step 3


Attach the LED in the same way you did the coin cell holder, making sure that the positive side aligns with the positive engraving on the decoration, and making sure you sew tightly four or five times to get a good electrical connection. Finish the stitch off, if needs be refer to our guide, and cut the ends of the thread close to the components so no long bits of lose thread are left.

Step 4


With a new piece of thread repeat the procedure on the negative side of the coin cell holder. Sew through the alternating holes towards the LED as before.


Sew the negative side of the LED into place, as before making sure the connection is tight and well made.

Cut the ends of the thread off close to the components to avoid lose ends creating a short circuit.

Step 5


Insert the battery, positive side upwards.

Step 6


Check that your decoration lights up. If the LED does not light refer to our fault finding section for tips on where you may have gone wrong.

Step 7



Pop your completed decoration on your tree and enjoy!

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