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The BBC microbit project is all about inspiring a new generation to get creative with digital and code. At Kitronik we are focusing on using the BBC microbit within D&T especially making use of the edge connector.


We decided that a prototyping system and an Inventor's Kit, which both include an edge connector breakout board, a custom mounting plate and a small prototype breadboard would make getting started as easy as possible.

Inventor's Kit for the BBC microbit

The Inventor's Kit comes with over 50 parts; all you need to complete 10 easy to follow experiments. We feel this is a great way to  get started with programming and hardware interaction with the BBC microbit. Whether you are a beginner or have been coding for years; the Inventor's Kit is ideal if you want to get stuck straight in. inventors_kit_for_the_bbc_microbit_800
  • Experiment One: Say 'Hello' to the BBC microbit.
  • Experiment Two: Using an LDR & analog inputs.
  • Experiment Three: Dimming an LED using a potentiometer.
  • Experiment Four: Using a transistor to drive a motor.
  • Experiment Five: Using the accelerometer to control motor speed.
  • Experiment Six: Setting the tone with a piezo buzzer.
  • Experiment Seven: Wind power.
  • Experiment Eight: Making a game using the compass.
  • Experiment Nine: Capacitor charge circuit.
  • Experiment Ten: Using an RGB LED.


Inventor's Kit for the BBC microbit

Prototyping System for the BBC microbit

If, like many of us, you already have drawers full of components the great value prototyping kit might be just what you need.


Prototyping System for the BBC microbit

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