More Robox Filament Types!
This week, we have expanded the number of types of our 3D Printing Filament we currently sell including new ThermoChrome, ColorFabb_XT, HIPS and new Woody Beech Effect PLA filaments. All of these filaments come on their own SmartReels and are also compatible with other 3D printers.


A montage of our new Special SmartReels

The first material is a PLA filament with special properties. ThermoChrome PLA is the only 3D printing filament that changes colour when the temperature of the filament changes. This filament is a deep purple colour at room temperature but changes colour to light pink at a higher temperature. This makes them ideal for wearables including necklaces and bracelets. This filament is particularly useful for making bird boxes where you can see if birds are present in the box by the light pink colour of the filament.


ThermoChrome PLA SmartReel filament

We also have an entirely new type of 3D printing filament right from ColorFabb who specialise in the production of high quality filament to provide more accurate and smoother printing results. ColourFabb_XT (CO-PET) has the benefits of both PLA and ABS including having the strength of ABS with the biodegradability of PLA. We are providing this new filament in three new colours including Clear, Black and White.


Clear, Black and White ColorFabb filaments

Clear ColorFabb_XT unlike PLA, is completely transparent. So if your 3D print project requires some transparency then you should give the Clear ColorFabb_XT a try, it is the most transparent filament you can get! HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is structurally very similar to ABS but it can be used either as a standalone 3D printing material or a as support material for ABS. where you can use Limonene as a solvent to dissolve the unwanted HIPS.


HIPS Natural Colour SmartReel

The last new special PLA filament is the Woody Beech Effect PLA filament. This has a unique foam structure that expands during printing. 3D prints can be up to 35-40% lighter than when compared to normal PLA filament. This filament is perfect for printing 'wooden' structures. For example dolls houses including the contents, garden ornaments, chess sets and pen pots. It looks like actual wood from a few feet away. We've printed out a memory stick case using the Woody Beech Effect PLA and one of our own 2GB Memory Sticks. You can see the results below:


2GB Memory Stick case printed using Woody Beech Effect PLA filament

We are also expanding our current selection of SmartReel ABS and PLA filaments in new Sky Blue and Slime Green colours so you can enjoy your 3D prints in even more colours!


Sky Blue and Slime Green SmartReels

Along with these new filaments, we have recently released a new Robox 3D Printer Starter Pack that comes with 10 reels of ABS filament and saves you an amazing £117! (when compared to buying the items separately). You can sign up to our newsletter here if you want to keep up to date with new products here at Kitronik!

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