How to use a 2-Way Passive Crossover


A crossover is the name given to a circuit that splits an audio signal into separate frequency bands. This allows different frequency bands of the output from an amplifier to be sent to different speakers instead of all being sent to one speaker. The advantage of doing this is that low frequency sounds can be sent to a woofer, a special speaker designed to reproduce low frequency sound and high frequencies can be sent to a tweeter, a speaker that is very good at reproducing high frequency sounds. The result of this is a much more accurate reproduction of the original audio source than sending the entire signal to a Full Range Speaker, which usually are unable to reproduce frequencies at the extreme ranges of audible sound.


Learn how to:

  • Use a 2-way passive crossover in a speaker system.
  • Get the most out of your amplifier.

Level of difficulty:

  • Intermediate.

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Step-by-step guide to using a 2-Way Passive Crossover.

Step 1

how_to_use_a_passive_crossover_560_2 Solder one end of a wire to the terminal on the crossover marked ‘+’, this terminal can be found on the side of the crossover marked ‘INPUT’. Connect the other end of the wire to your high power amp’s terminal block ‘OUT1’ where it is marked with a ‘+’. Do the same for the terminal on the crossover marked ‘-‘, this time connecting the other end to terminal block ‘OUT1’ where it is marked with a ‘-‘.

Step 2

how_to_use_a_passive_crossover_560_3 Take the woofer and solder one end of a wire to the terminal on the woofer labelled with a ‘-‘, solder the other end of this wire to the terminal labelled ‘COM’ above where the word ‘WOOFER’ is printed on the crossover PCB. Take another length of wire and solder it to the terminal on the woofer labelled with a ‘+’. The other end of this wire should be soldered to the terminal on the crossover above the word ‘WOOFER’ labelled ‘4K’.

Step 3

how_to_use_a_passive_crossover_560_4 Solder a length of wire from the red terminal on the tweeter to the terminal on the crossover marked ‘2K’ above the text ‘TWEETER’. Solder the other terminal on the tweeter to the terminal on the crossover marked ‘COM’ above the text ‘TWEETER’.

Step 4

how_to_use_a_passive_crossover_560_5 At this point it is a good idea to turn the high power amp on, set the volume to about half way plug the input jack of the High Power Amp into your audio source and play some music to test that everything is wired correctly. If there’s no sound or it is all bass or no bass then double check your wiring as a connection is probably missing. If everything sounds good repeat this process with the other output channel of the High Power Amp, using the other crossover, tweeter and woofer. Download a pdf version of this page here. pdf_icon.gif

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Hi.may i ask wat crossover should i used if i have a 700watts woofer then 150watts tweeter? I really ned a help..!

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Ward, We could perhaps give a more precise answer with some clear photos, but based on your question we have some thoughts. To clarify, there should be 1 woofer and 1 tweeter attached to each crossover, and thus to each channel. From the description, it seems that channel A is wired into a crossover, and channel B is wired into a crossover. Then the 6.5” speakers are both wired into channel A, and the tweeters into channel B? The value of 1.7 ohms that you measured sounds suspiciously close to what a pair of 4 ohm units in parallel would read. We've sent you a diagram by email of how we think you've wired and it should be wired. I hope this helps.

Ward Cottreau

Ward Cottreau

I have a question I someone would be good enough to answer. I have bought 2 sets of 6.5" component car audio speakers and was wanting to make a powered bluetooth speaker. Since the class D amp I am using is only two channels, I have decided to use 2 passive crossovers and wire two of the woofers in series on one side of the crossover (W+, W-) and the tweeters in series on the other side (T+, T-), I get 8ohms for the woofers because both are 4 ohms, but the tweeters only come out to about 1.7 ohm wired the same way as the woofers. I have checked the tweeters, they are both 4 ohm impedance. What's up? Please if anyone can help I would love it. They are Cerwin Vega XED 650C. Thank you Ward Cottreau

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