Websites with free 3D Printing models
3D Printing - Kitronik University Thanks to the availability of 3D printers, there has been a sudden surge in websites hosting 3D printed models so anyone can make, download and edit designs and print. If you want to download the 3D designs, you need to sign up and create an account with each website in turn. There are a large number of websites hosting this content and we have picked out our three favourite websites for you: MyMiniFactory

myminifactory homepage_560

MyMiniFactory Homepage

MyMiniFactory is a free, open source website dedicated to the storage of 3D printing files where you can download some of the designs for free. You can be assured every 3D design has been tested by their curators through a validation and test print process. The website encourages the free distribution of 3D printing technology and has practical applications including partnering up with Oxfam to try and solve humanitarian problems using open source building and manufacturing. An online store is available with all of the 3D printing designs. There are also some designs by Kitronik on the MyMiniFactory website including this 3D printed Retro FM Radio Kit below:


The CEL Robox 3D Printer is the first 3D printer to have a fully built-in MyMiniFactory file content library and is the first 3D Printing content website to be fully integrated into a 3D printer.


thingverse homepage_560

Thingiverse homepage

Thingiverse was created back in 2008 as content for laser cutters and milling machines. Since then, it provides open source designs to 3D printers. Thingiverse is ideal for the Maker community as most of the designs are for repair and technical projects. The website is now owned by the MakerBot Industries, one of the first 3D printer manufacturers. Pinshape

pinshape homepage_560

Pinshape homepage

Pinshape is a more recent addition to the 3D printing community. This marketplace provides both free and paid 3D designs through their shop that are paid directly to the designers of the models. Pinshape runs a number of competitions that assist charity causes both locally and internationally such as giving 3D printed toys to hospitalised children.

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