BBC micro:bit Accessories
Looking to do more with your BBC micro:bit? Unlock its full potential with our ever growing range of BBC micro:bit accessories.

microbit motor_driver_board_for_the_bbc_microbit_buggy_870

As well as the Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit which allows two motors to be driven simultaneously with forward, reverse & stop control, we have our convenient edge connector breakout board in both a self assembly, and a pre-built version.

Kitronik BBC micro:bit Accessories:

The Edge Connector Breakout Boards give access to all of the important pins on the bottom edge of the BBC micro:bit. 21 pins are broken out in total; providing additional I/O lines, direct access to buttons A and B, the LED matrix outputs and the I2C bus.

microbit 5601_additional_edge_connector_breakout_board_back

The BBC micro:bit pins are broken out to a row of solderable pads on the self assembly breakout board, and pin headers on the pre-built breakout board. The SCL and SDA pins are separated at the edge of the board providing easy identification.

microbit 5601b_large_edge_connector_breakout_board

The PCB includes a prototyping area with 3V, 0V and unconnected rows that can be soldered to. This allows the easy connection of switches, sensors and any pull-up or pull-down resistors etc. as required.

Kitroni Motor Driver Board for the BBC microbit:

The Motor Driver Board (Now updated to V2, with more breakout options) has terminal blocks to connect four input devices and a regulated 3V supply is fed in to the 80 way connector to power the inserted BBC micro:bit. 5602_large_motor_driver_board_with_edge_connector We've got even more accessories coming in the New Year, including our Inventor's Kit for the BBC microbit, and an exciting new e-textiles wearables kit. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter to find out more!

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