Introducing: LiPo Battery Chargers and more!
Another week and another product launch here at Kitronik, this week bringing you our new range of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) chargers and boosters, perfect for powering up your own home builds and devices such as mobile phones, amplifier kits, arduino projects, and more.


  LiPo batteries and chargers are a great way to power your devices in a portable, compact package. We are now stocking a basic model simply for charging batteries, or the larger LiPo single cell charger with configurable charge current, which can be connected onto the device it is supporting and charge your battery while the device is still in use, like a mobile phone. 2218_additional_lipo_micro_usb_charger_basic_size We have two new LiPo chargers in the range, the aforementioned single cell charger, and a more basic model (pictured above) that can simply charge batteries while they are not in use. 4652_press_polymer_lithium_ion_battery_1Ah Also avaIlable in the range now are two LiPo batteries, so you have something to charge up too! These are available in 1Ah and 400mAh configurations and are around the same size as a 9V battery. In other new product news, we have this week added 36-way single row of pin headers with 2.54mm spacing, perfect for connector applications and programming applications. While they come in a large strip, the headers can be broken down into smaller configurations, making them ideal for projects where you may need a back up! 4133_large_36_way_pin_header We have also added 36-way single row pin sockets to compliment the pin headers, making it easier for you by having both options available together. 4134_large_pin_sockets Finally in this week's new launches, we now have the On/Off/On switch used in our stereo amplifier kits available to buy individually. Not just exclusively for the amplifier kits, the On/Off/On switch provides a simple solution for any kits where hobbyists and makers may want to perform tasks such as switching between two power sources. That's it for another week at Kitronik, please sign up to our newsletter here if you want to be the first to hear of new products and exciting features!

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