MOVE Mini Football Stadium - BETT 2019 Part 2
For part 2 of our microbit Kitronik:City build we breakdown the football stadium. Our new move mini football stadium got a lot of attention at BETT 2019, so we’ve put together a guide on how we made ours and how to make your own! microbit kitronik :city stadium bett 2019 This is a big build but makes a great looking and sturdy model at the end, plus the game is great fun too! This guide will be looking at the stadium, keep an eye out for a resource coming soon on setting up the pair of :MOVE minis with our new :GAME Controllers.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium animation

You will need:

You will also need:


microbot Kitronik :CITY Football Stadium Build:

Note: This model has a lot of optional parts, read through the build and decide what you would like in your own model (We'd love to see new designs too!).  

The Base:

microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium baseboard Start by downloading the DXF laser files and cut the baseplate in 6mm MDF. Be very careful lining this cut up as it will take the whole bed of a 600x400 laser. Tip: If your laser shows the “soft stop” error because the cut is touching the sides of the cutting bed, you can shrink it in your laser software by less than 1mm on each side without affecting how the model fits together.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium cover We added a layer of white Perspex to cover the MDF in the stands. It’s up to you if you want to add this nice aesthetic addition. The same tip as above applies here as it is a large piece.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium goal posts Our 3D printer came in handy for the goal posts. If you wanted to create your own goalposts, the holes measure 10mm across.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium PP pitch Cut the green polypropylene roughly to size with scissors, then laser cut the final shape. This material is great for this game as it lets the :MOVE minis shove each other around (they aren’t afraid of contact sports). Note: This is one of my favourite materials to have around in general. It's strong, flexible, easy to work with, and you get so much of it for your money! microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium bumpers The bumpers around the edge of the pitch keep the ball in play, and the curved corners make for some neat trickshots! They are laser cut out of 5mm black Perspex with two layers on each side making for a 10mm barrier. We used poly cement to fix these in place.  

The Roof:

microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium Spacers Countersink the holes on the underside of the baseboard. Screw an M3 spacer to each one and screw a plastic standoff into the top to give it enough height. Repeat this for all of the holes.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium lights For some fancy lighting, we added four Servo:Lite boards for the microbit as fans at each end of the stadium. These are programmed to flash their team colour when the fire button on the :GAME Controller is pressed. There are loads of RGB lighting options available in our range of ZIP LEDs.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium roof brace We added this bracing piece next to give the roof some extra strength since people would be leaning on it at the show. It’s up to you whether you would like this structural addition. Note: This is the largest piece on the model, therefore doesn’t fit in a standard 600x400 laser cutter. You may have to modify the design for your equipment (I’d call that a challenge!).   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium perspex roof Laser cut two copies of the roof section in white Perspex. These should lock together when fixed into place. Use an M3 screw to attach the roof assembly to the top of the spacers. Finally, we added four adhesive rubber feet under the model to stop it slipping on a surface.   microbit kitronik :city bett 2019 stadium complete set

All that’s left is to program the microbits in your :MOVE minis and :GAME controllers.

Coding: As luck would have it, we've produced some code that allows for two :MOVE mins and two :GAME controllers. You can get all four bits of code in this .zip file.  

Kitronik :CITY Resources:

Our Kitronik :CITY stand attracted a lot of attention at BETT 2019. Many of our visitors also expressed a desire to make something similar once they returned to their schools. We decided to help out by producing the guides below. Each part of the :CITY has its own guide and each guide has all of the files, code and also instructions included. Additionally, if you or your students tackle any of the builds below then we would love to see the pictures. With your permission, we would also like to feature them in the Gallery (
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